Music of the old Basque sailors

Bide luzea Ternuarat

First album (Pyrene & Agorila 2014)

At all times the Basques traded, so that Canadians didn't deal with French people in other language than that of the Basques...

Pierre de Lancre (1613)

Basques, people who sing and dance at the foot of the Pyrenees.


The true mystery of the Basque language is not its origin but its survival.

Koldo Mitxelena


Tadoussac, magical place where the tributary joins the river. Meeting point for Native Americans and Basques, birds and humans, souls and bodies, heaven and earth.

I almost touched the ecstasy on the blue St. Lawrence, where the river is proud to become sea. Dancing with the whales and gulls in Tadoussac is one of my most delicious memories.

Place rich of history, meeting place and, during his too short summer, happy land where music comes out of the woods so that the inhabitants of the beach can dance the waltz. I'll come back as many times as possible, to make my prayer songs and hear the whales singing.

Zachary Richard
(Cajun singer, composer and poet)
Quebec 2012



The members of TADUSAK have a wide experience in traditional music. They participate or have participated in well-known projects such as Ganbara, Alboka, Xarnege, Mikel Errazkin, HF, Lantz or Euritan Blai.

  • Josean Martin Zarko: Acoustic guitars and bouzouki
  • Miren Fernández Frantsezena: Voice and piano
  • Xabi López: Acoustic and electric guitar
  • Andoni Ezeiza: Bass, hurdy gurdy, string-drum, three-holed flute and basque pipes
  • Juan Ezeiza: Violin, string-drum, three-holed flute and basque pipes
  • Antxon Sarasua: Percusions, accordion and piano



You can see an interview on the Basque TV (ETB) and a song from the last album.
You can also listen to some excerpts of our songs and see some photos.


TADUSAK - Martieta Etxadia, 2 - 20180-Oiartzun (Basque Country)

Tfnoa: +34 605 715 735 / Fax: +34 943 332 397 / bidasoaf@gmail.com


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